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3 Reason Nurses Should Meal Prep

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Meal Preparation, also known as meal prepping, is a popular practice among busy professionals and individuals in the fitness world. It involves preparing food in advance and portioning it off into grab-n-go meals for later dates. These meals are ideal for nurses because they can quickly access them during their busy shifts or short lunch breaks. Nurses typically have a heavy workload, which is why it is important to eat nutrient-dense meals and snacks during their shifts. Many nurses report that meal prepping is a game-changer for their time, health, and wallet.

Three reasons nurses should consider meal prepping for their lunch breaks.

1. Meal prepping can save you time

Nurses who bring their lunch to work do not have to worry about losing break time during their commute to and from restaurants or the facility’s cafeteria—which can have long lines and wait times to get food. Meal prepped lunches can also easily be microwaved or eaten raw depending on what was prepared, saving additional time.

2. Meals prepared in advance are typically healthier

Preparing meals beforehand allows nurses to be intentional about their diet. When meals are prepared in advance, nutrition and lifestyle goals can be considered when putting the meals together. Meal prepping also helps nurses avoid eating less nutritious meals and snacks—e.g., vending machines and fast food—at work due to convenience and lack of time.


Additionally, nurses who use portion size as a tool in their health/fitness journey also benefit from meal prepping because they can prepare and portion off their food to accommodate their health/fitness goals.

3. Meal prepping can save you money

Meal prepping usually involves buying food in bulk to accommodate the preparation of many meals. Buying food in bulk tends to be less expensive than buying food in smaller portions; this results in those who purchase food in bulk to meal prep saving money.


Meal Prepping also gives nurses one less reason to eat out, so when nurses choose to eat at work, they can save the money they would have spent on food from a restaurant or cafeteria.

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